About Us

Set on the pristine waterfront of Discovery Bay North Plaza, The HIT Room will re-ignite, re-model, and re-engineer your training. Our instructors and trainers are truly passionate and driven about every single aspect of health and fitness, each hand-picked to motivate, challenge, and inspire you in every session. As the only independent studio in Discovery Bay which links indoor and outdoor training together with a variety of highly-effective programs, our dedicated workout areas include two purpose-built studios for group exercise classes, spin classes and personal training, and outdoor terraces with uninterrupted views across the ocean towards Hong Kong Island.

Our formula: Group Exercise + Personal Training

You were looking for the effective, fun, challenging and interactive group exercise classes that you used to do back home, involving a balanced program of weights-based resistance training that builds functional strength, as well as the energetic, calorie burning cardio workout of indoor cycling… and now you have it, right at your doorstep.

Our dedicated Personal Training area also contains the latest functional training equipment – from Kettlebells to TRX, ViPR to Bulgarian Bags, boxing gear to plyometric boxes, agility ladders to core-trainers, to BOSU and medicine balls. Our trainers are ready to accelerate your progress and take you to the next level towards your health and fitness goals.

Why HIT?

H.I.T stands for High Intensity Training… and The HIT Room does exactly that.

High intensity and functional fitness techniques have started to gain immense traction in health and fitness trends worldwide. With an ever-increasing number of injuries caused by traditional, static, ‘machine driven’ exercise routines, as well as the ever-decreasing amount of time most people actually have to commit to their fitness, it has become apparent that intense yet functional training is key to a more efficient workout routine.

We aim to incorporate intensity into your workouts, allowing you to get fitter, faster! This means increasing your heart rate, putting in the effort, pushing your personal best, upping your metabolism, increasing lean muscle mass, feeling the after-burn created by pushing your body past its anaerobic and aerobic thresholds, and sealing the deal with core training to give real results.

Whatever your goal is, we will achieve it together, one step at a time.

We are huge fans of functional and plyometric training, and we incorporate exercises which mirror every day movements into our routines whilst improving your posture. Many of our programs place heavy emphasis on strengthening the core and back muscles, providing the injury-free stability and strength required for daily life – from lifting shopping bags and picking up your kids, to playing golf and tennis. Not only will you look and feel great, but your body will be strong, powerful, mobile and functional.

About the founders

About the founders – Cindy and Wesley Reid

Cindy and Wesley are known by their friends as ‘fitness nuts’. As self-confessed work-out junkies, they are passionate about everything related to healthy living, and had dreamt for quite some time of creating a functional training facility. There is simply no place in Hong Kong that offers a dedicated area for this type of training – a new science and a worthy trend which is here to stay. The opportunity to turn their concept into a reality came in 2013, with the inception of The HIT Room – where Les Mills Bodypump, GRIT Strength, GRIT Plyo and RPM, plus Boxing, Spin, functional training, and other freestyle toning, shaping and core-strengthening classes are offered daily.

Together, they practice what they preach, have a realistic, balanced and ‘everyday’ approach of healthy living, by forming consistent daily habits, and sticking to the simple motto of:

  • Eat Clean
  • Train Mean
  • Rest Well
  • Stay Lean

Our Aim

The HIT Room is here to revolutionize the lives of Lantau residents.

We take pride in our goals:

Motivate and inspire you;
Push you outside your comfort zone;
Provide well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment;
Keep costs affordable with regular discounts and promotions to incentivize and inspire;
Support the community and giving back by engaging in voluntary initiatives and environmental awareness programs such as beach clean-ups;
Keep a smile on your face by keeping it fun and effective; not one playlist or routine remains the same as we make sure that the music will always rock!