Are you regularly hitting the gym and lacking results or structure? Going on a holiday or travelling for work and want to keep up with your training? Or an athlete looking for a progressive program for the off-season? Perhaps you want more personalisation than classes but find one-on-one too prohibitive?

Our Online Training programs can help you achieve your goals without being physically present in our studios, or even in the country at all!

By combining a fully personalised training program with regular weekly online check-ins, you’ll gain insight and develop your knowledge by working with a trainer directly through correspondence to stay on top of your goals outside of The HIT Room.

Starting with an initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, lifestyle, limitations and current statistics, which will allow us to develop a month’s worth of programming to suit your exact requirements. Accountability and monitoring plays a large part in your progression and will allow your trainer to continually optimise your workouts, meaning we’ll expect constant feedback and photos, checking in weekly via e-mail to ensure that you are on track with your goals.

Alternatively, why not check-in with a trainer whilst in Hong Kong? This will give you the chance to work through form and technique, or complete an entire workout session whilst having any questions answered. Personal check-ins can be flexibly scheduled and do not have to coincide with your online check-ins.

1 Month Online Training Package – includes 4 Online Check-Ins HKD$1500
3 Months Online Training Package – includes 12 Online Check-Ins HKD$4250
6 Months Online Training Package – includes 24 Online Check-Ins HKD$8000
Single Personal Training Check-In (30-45 minutes) HKD$550

Please note all packages are prepaid and must be activated within one month of purchase.

Please enquire here, or contact for more information. Male and female, and bilingual instructors are available.