De-motivated? Not achieving results? Hitting a plateau?

Each person is unique and has different training goals – toning up and losing fat, bulking up, correcting posture, maintaining general health and helping your competitive sporting edge are just a few. Achieving these goals in the most efficient way and in the shortest time possible requires special attention. The HIT Room’s Personal Training team is committed to providing the guidance, training and feedback to help you keep motivated, inspired and injury-free in the journey towards your fitness dreams.

Starting with a full body analysis using the Tanita Whole Body Composition Monitor, we take the time to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses before developing a tailored program with realistic goals. We banish ‘old-school’, rusty, heavy machinery to incorporate functional and plyometric movements using the latest equipment – from kettlebells to ViPR tubes, Core Trainers to TRX – to follow your body’s natural movements providing the strength, power and agility to help you with your everyday life.

Our trainers are on hand to discuss your specific requirements, so you can start seeing accelerated results today!

Single session HK$725
10 sessions package HK$7,000 ($700 per session)
20 sessions package HK$13,000 ($675 per session)

Individual add-ons: first person HK$700 plus $225 for each additional person (maximum 4).

Please note all Personal Training packages have a 3 month expiry date – just the motivation you need to commit to your results!

Please enquire here, or contact for more information. Male and female, and bilingual instructors are available.